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Missoula Site of the Week

Starting February 2, 2009, Missoula.WS will feature a Site of the Week.

The primary reason for the Site of the Week program is so that the site can have an RSS feed img with regularly changing content. The feed will simply popup with one or more "reviews" of local sites. The reviews are usually just mindless blurbs to raise awareness of local web design efforts.

You can access the site of the week on the page Missoula.WS/kewl.html or through the feed. The Site of the Week is simply a site taken at random from the directory.

The selection process is not meant as an award. If I had time, every site would end up being the site of the week. Given time, they will. The site of the week will show up on Monday. If I get too far ahead of myself, additional sites of the week will show up on different days.

The program is primarily noncommercial. However, the very first review will be with Vann's Electronics which has an affiliate program which pays for the hosting of this site.

The reviews will often include additional resources for a web site. If a musician has tunes on iTunes, I will link to the tunes. I will like to books by local authors on online bookstores.

You can view the site of the week history on the page kewlHist.html.

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