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Ebay.com is a popular national site that invites users to buy and sell items in a fixed length auction format.

To buy an item, you simply place a bid for the amount you think the item is worth. You will end up getting the item if your bid is higher than the reserve price of the seller and higher than other bidders.

To sell an item, you simply take a picture of the item and add a listing to the site. If people bid higher then your reserve price they win the auction. They will pay you through paypal; After receiving payment, you can ship.

eBay is super popular in rural communities like Missoula as it allows people to buy hard to find products and is a proven source of income for small shops.

The widget below shows items from a search on the term "Missoula." Searching through site, you will find quite a few small local shops are using ebay for selling clearance merchandise.

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